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  • Build a Home Flight Simulator Cockpit, our Do It Yourself videos show you how. ... the best flight simulator solution for many people. Each DIY flight sim project is

    www.rogerdodger.net/diyflightsims.html · Cached page
  • A new low-cost USB 2.0 universal interface has been announced by www.u-hid.com which is an offshoot of Ultimarc, who have been producing gaming interfaces for 8 years.

    flyawaysimulation.com/article3249.html · Cached page
  • If you build your rudder pedals using this interface your pedals appear to Windows as a ... I'm pretty happy with my DIY pedals, they only cost a few dollars and work well.

    thommos.com/blogged/2007/12/diy-rudder-pedals.html · Cached page
  • Home Built 737 Cockpit Project. This site contains information on a home built one-seater flight simulator using: A replica F-16 forward fuselage ...

    www.hanskrohn.com · Cached page
  • ... ICs one can built an interface device for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. With the help of detailed documentation you have to do it yourself ... the Visual Basic-style SIM- ...

    fscockpit.com/specialinterfacesolutions.html · Cached page
  • ... you may be interesting in adding motion to an existing flight sim ... SIMCATT7.GAU (Deprecated ISA Based attitude interface gauge for Acrosser AR-B2103) SimCraft DIY Motion ...

    simcraftdiy.sourceforge.net · Cached page
  • The Microsoft Flight Simulator comes with an open interface, making it possible to fine tune and /or develop many aspects ranging from the flight model of your aircraft to ...

    www.fscockpit.com/buildingblocksofaflightsimulatorcockpit.html · Cached page
  • Flight Sim Control Loader (force feedback) Software. ... It is intended for DIY builders wishing to ... position data from the windows joystick interface and ...

    buggies.builtforfun.co.uk/Sim/CL_Software.php · Cached page
  • Once I got the software interface working, the possibilities ... for getting the platform to move with input from Flight ... During the development of the DIY motion Platform II, I ...

    www.simprojects.nl/motion_platform.htm · Cached page
  • Hitec USB Flight Sim Interface (for Hitec Futaba JR Transmitters ... Free Flying Model Simulator - Interface DIY instructions FMS Free Flight Simulator - Make your own Interface

    newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Rec/rec.models.rc.air/2005-10/msg00546.html · Cached page


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